1. The above-mentioned Irish Division (hereafter called “the Division”) is the

Irish Division of the Caravan Club (The Caravan Club throughout is referred to as “The Club”).


  1. The Division covers the geographical areas of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland which currently comprises the boundaries of the following Centres of the Club:

Leinster                         Munster                        Ulster


3. The objects of the Division shall be:

  • To co-ordinate the activities of the Centres within the Division
  • To represent general matters of Club or Centre interest to the Club Council
  • To provide a means whereby The Club interests of those members living in the area may be fostered.
  • To provide a forum to discuss and solve local problems at Divisional level.
  • To promote and encourage a high standard of caravanning and caravan sites in Ireland
  • To promote the interests of The Club in Ireland.


  1. All paid up members of The Club currently resident in the Division’s area, or registered with one of the above Centres, are members of the Division and shall be eligible to become a member of the Council of the Division.


  1. Shall consist of:
  • Three members elected by each Centre at Centre AGMs.
  • The immediate Past Chairman of the Centre that hosted the previous Irish Division National Rally, who would normally be elected as the next Chairman of the Division.
  • Up to three non-centre members, co-opted with the approval of the Executive Committee.

Should a vacancy occur on the Council during any year, the Council will approve the appointment of a member proposed by the Centre concerned, or co-opt a non-centre member, as appropriate.

  1. Members of the Executive Committee and Nominated members of the Club Council currently living in Ireland shall be ex-officio members of the Divisional Council.


  1. Chairman. The Chairmanship will rotate annually between the Centres. The Council of the Division will elect the Chairman. He/she should hold no centre office whilst Divisional Chairman. The Divisional Chairman shall be an ex-officio member of each Centre Committee in the Division.
  1. The Chairman of the Division (or his/her representative, who shall be a Council member) shall be the Irish Division’s Representative on the Club Council.
  1. Vice Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, P. R. Officer will be elected annually by the Divisional Council from Council Members.


  1. The AGM of the Division shall be held at such time and place as decided by the Council of the Division; the Hon. Secretary will give at least 90 days’ notice to all members of the Division.
  1. Admission to the AGM is not confined to members of the Division, but only members of the Division will be entitled to speak and vote.
  1. The following business shall be conducted at the AGM
  • The Hon. Secretary shall read the minutes of the previous AGM.
  • The Chairman shall report on the activities of the Division and shall report on all matters considered at Club Council meetings affecting or likely to affect the interests of members of the Division.
  • The Hon. Treasurer shall submit audited accounts of the Division for the preceding year and a Balance sheet as at 31st December of that year.
  • The appointment of an Independent Accountant (the position of Independent Accountant must be filled from outside the Council of the Division as per Club Rules).
  • Motions by the membership of the Division. Any such motion signed by the Proposer and Seconder should be submitted to the Hon. Secretary of the Division at least 35 days prior to the AGM.
  1. In the event of a division on a motion, all voting to be by show of hands, or if so demanded by three or more members present, by ballot.
  1. The quorum for the AGM is 20 members.


  1. The Division Council shall meet at least three times per year. Each member of the Council shall receive written notice of the meeting at least 14 days beforehand.
  1. The Hon. Treasurer shall take charge of all funds of the Division. All bank accounts shall be maintained in the name of the Division. Cheques to be signed by the Hon. Treasurer and one other officer of the Divisional Council.
  1. Monies not required to meet current expenditure may be placed on deposit account or otherwise invested for the benefit of the Division.
  1. The Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary, being responsible for the books, documents, effects and funds to the Council of the Division, shall when so requested by the Council deliver the same.
  1. Five or more members shall form a quorum.


  1. The business of each Centre in Ireland shall be conducted by a Committee elected annually at Centre AGMs, not later than 30th
  1. The number of members of the Centre Committee shall be that determined from time to time by the Centre AGM, but shall not be less than 5 nor more than 15.
  1. The Hon. Secretary of each Centre in Ireland shall forward to the Hon. Secretary of the Division, immediately after the Centre AGM, the membership numbers, names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers of members elected to the Council of the Division, Centre Officers and Committee Members.
  1. Centres shall provide proper record books as herein before required for the Division and maintain up-to-date lists of Centre Members.


  1. Except where alternatives are specified in the Constitution, the Bylaws of the Club and the Rules Governing Centres are rules of the Division.


  1. The Constitution of the Division may be amended only by agreement between the council of the Division and the Executive Committee of the Club.
  1. Where any questions arise for which there are no specific rules applicable under this Constitution. The rules Governing Centres shall apply. In the event of the formation of additional Centre(s) within the Division this Constitution may be revised.


  1. Should any question arise as to the interpretation of these Rules, the matter shall be referred to the Executive Committee of the Club whose decision shall be binding on all parties.