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If you are not already a Caravan Club member CLICK HERE to go to the Caravan Club website and join online – Don’t forget to register as a Centre member whilst you are there.  You may choose any of the 3 Irish Centres – Leinster, Munster or Ulster or if you are not from Ireland any of the remaining 66 Centres throughout the rest of the UK.

The Caravan Club is run by members, for members. Our membership is dedicated to exploring all that caravanning has to offer, and sharing that knowledge throughout the community.

Caravan Club Facts

  • The Caravan Club has been operating for 108 years
  • The Caravan Club is the Largest touring organization in Europe, representing over one million members who tour with either a caravan, motorhome or trailer tent – membership is currently only £46 a year!
  • The Wanderer caravan was the first purpose-built leisure caravan made in 1885. It still exists and is owned by The Caravan Club. There is a picture of the Wanderer on the Press Photo Gallery page of the Caravan Club website.
  • The Caravan Club is a successful £100 million turnover business, with over 1200 employees, but first and foremost it’s a members’ club.
  • The Caravan Club has the largest network of privately owned campsites in the UK, with over 200 large club owned sites and 2500 Certified Locations (CLs) – small 5 van sites on privately owned land such as farms, gardens of stately homes or next to pubs.
  • The Club has its own Overseas Travel Service, which can make ferry and sites bookings for its members, and gives access to an extensive and high quality overseas site network.
  • Membership of the Caravan Club also provides members with access to a wide range of specialist insurance products, including caravan and motorhome insurance.
  • Membership of the Caravan Club also provides members access to free help and advice including; the Technical Advice team, a Legal Advice helpline and an Overseas Advice line.  Members also receive a free monthly magazine and a host of other special partnership offers.
  • The Caravan Club continues to invest in its sites network – over £114 million in the last ten years, using local suppliers whenever possible.
  • The Caravan Club’s monthly magazine has a bigger audited circulation than Hello! magazine.  The official ABC figure is 360,000.

Touring Facts

  • In total tourers contribute almost £1.5 billion a year to local economies, VAT and motoring taxes for the exchequer.
  • The smallest and lightest caravans weigh 750kg or less and can be towed by most small hatchbacks
  • You can easily buy a serviceable secondhand caravan for less than the cost of a 2 week family holiday in a hotel.
  • There are hundreds of outlets nationwide which will let you hire a vehicle (anything from a small VW campervan to a luxury modern family motorhome or caravan) if you want to try before you buy.
  • You can take your dog, cat, rabbit or parrot with you when you go caravanning.


  • i qas trying to renew my membership i dont do direct deb for anyone ,,and was refused by the club ;;; had cash and a credit card with me at the show not impressed at allthis the second time this has happened to me i had traveled to belfast from the southeast of ireland to pay in person

    • webmaster

      Hi Paul

      To renew your membership the easiest way is to go to the Club website at and sign in you can then renew by single payment from your card without signing up to any direct debit. I don’t know why you could not do this at the show (I was not there this year) as it has always been possible to pay in cash or by card there in the past.


  • Éadaoin

    Hi there,

    I am writing for a rather different reason than most!
    I am trying to obtain information on the demand for a possible Motorhome/Caravan Park in a certain Leinster Region and wondering if I posted on this would ye be kind enough to respond with your level of interest or if there is anyone I can contact directly to bend their ear?!

    Any response is much appreciated!

    • webmaster

      Dear Éadaoin,
      Thank you for making contact and any new park would be most welcome. I have taken the liberty of passing on you message to the Irish Division & Leinter Centre Chairman Kevin O’Hanlon and I will email you privately to get your contact details, if that’s OK with you.

  • Kate Reynolds

    Hi, I am looking for insurance for and I heard that the caravan club was a good place to get it but I can’t find a number fir Ireland, can anyone help?

    • webmaster

      Hi Kate,
      If you are a caravan owner you can get insurance through The Caravan Club by phoning Caravan Insurance at The Club at +44(0)1342 336610 and if you wish to insure a motor home, you will need to get leisure vehicle insurance and for this you will need to be already insured to drive a car in Ireland. So hope that helps a bit.

  • liam rowley

    i have just purchased a caravan and am looking for someone to check the chassis ect on caravan. is there anyone in the dublin area that we could contact…..kind regards..liam

    • webmaster

      Hi Liam

      In answer to your query I don’t know but if anypne else can help please post your reply in the comment box and I will pass the information onto Liam.

  • Warren

    Hi there, would be grateful if anyone could point me where I could get a carver mk lll water pump, submersable one, tks Warren

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